Really, New York and Company?

So today I was shopping on New York and Company’s website and happened to find a skirt I liked. Really liked, in fact, which is rare for me, because I hardly ever wear skirts. I clicked on the size chart to double-check my measurements against their sizing, and what was the first thing I saw?


“All women are not created equal.”

Are you kidding me? Someone actually thought that that was an appropriate tagline for their sizing chart? My mind = blown.

I guess you could argue that it’s supposed to be kind of funny, because of course all women are not of equal sizes. But there’s no way that you can argue that that wording doesn’t totally suck. It’s a comparison phrase typically used to denote value. If it said “All cars are not created equal”, it would be very clear that it meant that some cars are of lesser quality than others. Women are not all the same size, but that phrase specifically goes out of its way to imply that if your size lies closer to the right side of the chart, you’re worth less than a size 2. And that is just wrong.