Construction blues.

Holy hell in a handbasket.

There’s construction at the bank today – they’re filling in some holes in the entryway with re-purposed marble, which seems to involve lots and lots of jackhammering, rock dust, and general mess and mayhem. Oh yeah, and this is all happening about ten feet from where I sit, which means that I can’t answer the phone, can’t concentrate worth a damn, and my ears have been ringing for the past three hours. Fun times.

Anyway, Nate and I had a pretty darn awesome weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Minnesota Scottish Festival and Highland Games, where I saw more kilts in one place than I ever have in my whole life. It really was more like a small renaissance fair than anything else: tents with jewelry and various handmade goods, food stands, skill demonstrations (I got to see my first sheepdog trial, which was surprisingly cool), really, really good live music, and all in all, plenty to do. We ended up finding some people that Nate knew from his kilt forum, so we had a beer with them and hung out. I picked up some little celtic knot earrings, we had meat pies and banana cake, and Nate got to check out the Donald clan tent and do some research on his Scottish heritage. We hardly ever do anything like this, so going up to the cities and having a whole day together was a really nice change.

Then on Sunday we finally saw The Avengers, which was really fun – incredibly Joss Whedon-y. After, I was totally on a superhero high, so I ran over to the closest Red Box and grabbed Captain America, which we also hadn’t seen yet. It was freaking adorable. I loved it. It was also a good story follow-up to The Avengers, seeing as it dealt with all the tesseract hooey.

Um…what else. Samson somehow cut his carpal pad, so my poor guy’s been pretty miserable. It’s a lot better now, since the skin is finally growing back – I have no idea how he injured it like that. I’m just going to chalk it up to his crazy jumping and leaping when we play fetch. We kept it wrapped for a couple of days because he wouldn’t stop licking it, but he should be fine without the bandage now. I hope he is, because we have a pet interview as soon as I’m off work.

Oh yeah, I guess that’s news. I’m starting a dog walking business. Just a small thing to do on mornings and some evenings. I already have one client, though have no idea if there will be any more. I haven’t done any proper advertising yet. I just secured my membership with Professional United Pet Sitters, though I’m not planning on doing any real pet sitting…yet. I need to figure out what will work around my bank schedule, first. But I’m looking forward to it. Tonight, I’m taking my pups over to meet a little female pit bull. If it works, she’ll be joining us on our trips to the field a couple of evenings a week. I really hope it goes well, because I know mine would love to have another playmate, and it sounds like this girl needs some friends and socialization. So, fingers crossed, and in the near future I may be able to walk and play with dogs for pay! Which would be amazing! I think it pretty much goes without saying at this point, but I’m officially crazy about dogs now. I have no idea what was wrong with me before. They’ve improved my life in so. many. ways.

Well, I need to get going. I actually have a lot more to write about, but not enough time right now.