Another list.

Can I have this cake topper? Please? It’s probably the best one I’ve seen so far.

Things that need to be sorted out for the wedding:

1. My shoes, hair whatsit, jewelry…basically all the accessories.

2. Nate’s jacket, shirt, shoes.

3. Flowers

4. We need to meet with Sam about the cake

5. Food and room for the reception

6. Meet with our officiant fellow and piano player

7. Seating?

8. Other decorations?

9. Lighting?

10. The honeymoon, oh my god

Yeah, so basically there is a ton to do and like, no way to do most of it right now. We can meet about the cake and get the quote on the flowers, but I think that’s really about it. It’s up to Nate to take care of his clothing and up to me to take care of mine, and at least the venue and the dress are taken care of…gah. I don’t even know. I wish this thing would just plan itself. The summer’s going to be gone before we even know what hit us.


One response to “Another list.

  1. Hey, no worries! That stuff doesn’t sound too bad, actually. (Although I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the details.) The best thing to do right now – especially accessories and flowers-wise – is to get a clear idea of what you want. Then, once it’s in your budget to get it done, at least you’ll know what to get.

    Also – good news! – I’ll be in MN a lot sooner (and a lot longer) than I originally thought I would be around your wedding time, so I can totally help if you want! 🙂

    PS: Don’t buy super expensive shoes. I’ve seen a lot of nice nude pumps around at different stores, and it really isn’t that hard to spruce them up. I’ve looked at lots of how-tos and would be glad to help!

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