A Brief Observation

I think one of the most damaging parts of Christianity – and any religion that paints humankind as “fallen” – is the way it makes you doubt your own moral compass. The more you internalize the message that you’re inherently sinful and in need of heavenly guidance, the less trust you’ll have in your own ability to make good decisions, which is arguably one of the most important skills you need as an adult. You just have to be able to trust yourself. Your instincts are important. You may not always be right, but that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be wrong. It’s far worse to be perpetually paralyzed by doubt. 


Another list.

Can I have this cake topper? Please? It’s probably the best one I’ve seen so far.

Things that need to be sorted out for the wedding:

1. My shoes, hair whatsit, jewelry…basically all the accessories.

2. Nate’s jacket, shirt, shoes.

3. Flowers

4. We need to meet with Sam about the cake

5. Food and room for the reception

6. Meet with our officiant fellow and piano player

7. Seating?

8. Other decorations?

9. Lighting?

10. The honeymoon, oh my god

Yeah, so basically there is a ton to do and like, no way to do most of it right now. We can meet about the cake and get the quote on the flowers, but I think that’s really about it. It’s up to Nate to take care of his clothing and up to me to take care of mine, and at least the venue and the dress are taken care of…gah. I don’t even know. I wish this thing would just plan itself. The summer’s going to be gone before we even know what hit us.

Things to do before I die:


1. Go to Europe
2. Go to Asia
3. Own a house
4. Publish a book
5. Perform music live
6. Adopt at least one more dog and one more cat
7. Plant a garden
8. Get another piercing
9. Maybe get another tattoo
10. Live in another state that isn’t Massachusetts
11. Live in Massachusetts again
12. Be able to run a mile nonstop
13. Admit to myself that I probably want kids
14. Have health insurance
15. Save up $5,000 of spare money
16. Sell a piece of jewelry
17. Sell a short story
18. Own land
19. Work with a conservation organization
20. Hike the Appalachian Trail
21. Learn yoga
22. Weigh 135 lbs (lose 20 lbs)
23. Dress more adventurously
24. Pay off my student loans
25. Close one credit card
26. Work for myself – start my own business
27. Finish my bachelor’s degree
28. Become certified in a trade
29. Work on a ship as a deckhand/learn how to sail
30. Live in New York City for a month
31. Learn another language
32. Become an urban explorer