Screw it.

Following the news? Summarizing, discussing, and linking? 

Screw it. I’m too tired and too busy. I don’t care enough to commit to this right now. I already failed the Blogathon challenge – failed it within like, four days, actually – and every time I think about coming over here to write, I get overwhelmed by the restrictions I put on this site about what and how I was supposed to be writing. Which led to almost no writing at all.

So I’m done with the formal blogging shit. It’s not for me right now. I need a place to rant about personal crap, and for now, this is going to be it.


We found out today that the house we were looking at buying is a no-go unless we can put down 10% plus closing costs, which is way more cash than we have on-hand. That means that it’s just not the right time for us to be thinking about purchasing. That simple. We’re trying to save for a wedding right now; we don’t need to stress ourselves out unduly about one missed house opportunity. There will be others. I’m not exactly relieved, but also not quite as disappointed as I thought I would be.

Also, it needs to be said that this place was quite the fixer-upper. Like, mildew in the basement, nasty carpets, a bathroom that needed to be redone, and horrible, horrible apple tiling in the kitchen. I know we could have done the work on it and dramatically increased its value, and yeah, it sucks to basically be throwing our rent money away each month, but it was also an insanely small house with an insanely small yard, and I was (legitimately, I think) worried about the logistics of fitting 150+ pounds of very active dog in it. I mean, the thing had like, ten freaking square feet of yard space. And I would hate – no, loathe – myself if we got in there, were committed to the property, and couldn’t stand living with the dogs. They’re family. In fact, they’re pretty much our childrens. Especially for me, because hello there, biological clock, and also, fuck you. I am not giving them up for one crap little house.

This means that now I can focus on more regular expenses: getting Nate’s ring, buying the new Sonata Arctica album when it comes out next Tuesday (YAY), squirreling away money for the wedding and honeymoon, investing, and…oh yeah, paying the normal bills.

Whew. Cranky post is cranky. Sorry about that.

Oh, one more random thing. Do you ever get cravings for certain foods that don’t go away for like, days on end? I’ve been craving tuna subs for the last three days, and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve even indulged it, but it’s still there! And it’s so specific: a cold tuna sub on Italian bread with cheddar cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, pickles, green peppers, onions, and just a little bit more mayonnaise on top. *swoon*



2 responses to “Screw it.

  1. Oh yay! I’d much rather read about personal crap, personally 😉 Political stuff is well and good, but I was already fully ready to flee America back in 2000, so I don’t need any more convincing about how messed up things are. I mean, political stuff is fine. But I like personal problems more (???)

    Interesting news? Well the whole Time Magazine cover has every single person I know with their knickers tied in a knot. I’m not going to comment on it. Read my Facebook ramblings if you’re curious. Basically: America, get over your obsession with women’s breasts as sexual objects. They’re intended to feed our young, however long those young want to do it for.

    HAHAHA….biological clock??? You’re getting married a whole three years later than me, and I waited eight to start trying. I think you’re good! Maybe revisit that salutation in 15 years or so…

    Sorry the house didn’t work out, but really, worry about getting married first! In this market, you DON’T want to rush into buying a house, end up hating it or wanting to move to a new area, and not being able to sell it. Nothing wrong with renting at all. The only thing I can think of with continuous cravings is that maybe you’re deficient in something? Do you take a vitamin usually? I take a really good whole-food one that isn’t too expensive.

    Heather’s post about screaming toddlers really made me laugh today cause Gavin literally yelled, cried, and threw tantrums at me ALL.DAY.LONG. He’s cutting molars and neither of us got much sleep last night cause of it, so he was in pain, tired, and just his normal “I’m a genius baby, so every single thing I can’t do with my giant brain and toddler body PISSES THE HELL OUT OF ME.” He’s eating dinner and quiet now. Early bedtime is in order, me thinks.

  2. I’m with Karen on two things: Better to rent than be stuck in a house you’re not happy with, and personal stuff is more interesting to read. For us, anyways.

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