President Obama came out as supportive of gay marriage! It’s not much of a surprise, but it’s still a big deal!  Image

Also, take THAT, North Carolina. I hope you’re embarrassed. 


One response to “POTUS Win

  1. So I finally remembered that you had a new blog and had a moment where time to check it out coincided with remembering to check it out. That doesn’t happen very often. I’ve been super “busy” lately on my Jane Austen HPFF challenge, but at least I finished what I wanted to on time. You should check it out. It’s incredibly silly and fluffy with lots of passive voice and exclamation marks. AND at the moment Snape isn’t in it at all (I KNOW, right????) though I will be forced to make a token mention of him later.


    (Oh, and you can look at my HOT Snape/Jyrki banner as well) I know you probably have no time to read anything, but I wanted to share since you’re probably the one person besides my mom who wouldn’t think I’m a total loser for writing a Jane Austen parody Harry Potter fan fiction spoof.

    Zach will be home in three weeks and then I can start to seriously figure out how I can get to your wedding. I’m glad you and Heather are blogging because it gives me something to read. I can’t seem to ever do it myself… I probably should be working on other writing. Oh well.

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