Short Friday Round-Up, and a Puppy

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been reading today:

Alaska Republican Says Women Should Have to Get Permission From Men to Get an Abortion

Specifically, from the men who impregnate them, effectively giving those men more control over women’s bodies than the women themselves. Awesome! While we’re at it, how about men seeking to treat ED with medications like Viagra be forced to obtain statements from the partners they’re presumably trying to pleasure stating that the medication is necessary for treating sub-par performance? You know, for equality.

My Rights as a Pregnant Woman, Or the Lack Thereof

Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism on what it’s like to be pregnant in the current political climate. To sum up, terrifying.

Obama: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.’

In (somewhat) better news, The Atlantic Wire covers Obama’s response to the outcry over the Trayvon Martin shooting. I’m amazed and so happy that this has made it into the national dialogue in this way.

AZ Legislator Would Like to Make Women Watch Abortions Before They Can Have Them

Feministe comments on the words of Terri Proud, an Arizona legislator and woman who not only has apparently no idea what an abortion is actually like, but also has extremely limited capacity for empathy and logical thinking. Lovely.

Tennessee Bill Would Expose Identities of Abortion Providers and Possibly Patients

As if it weren’t already dangerous enough to be an abortion provider (or woman seeking an abortion, for that matter), a group of vindictive legislators in Tennessee would like to make it mandatory that the identities of those doctors and women be available in an online database. Because, you know, screw patient right to privacy (HIPAA). It’s almost enough to make me think that some lawmakers may not be aware of our nation’s laws.

And finally, because it’s Friday, have a picture of a White German Shepherd puppy.


2 responses to “Short Friday Round-Up, and a Puppy

    • Yeah, that was really well said. That making these decisions for women implies that we’re stupid is something so obvious that it can be overlooked, which just means that it needs to be pointed out again and again (along with all of the other reasons that this is ridiculous).

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