Keep it echoing.

Eclecta Blog, which I discovered recently, has a post with an excellent point that I think needs to be shouted across the internet again and again until its echoes are still resounding come election day.

The GOP has, in recent months, revealed a part of its agenda that it would have been much better served by keeping private: They hate women.

It sounds extreme because it is. I’ll pull the links later, when I’m not stealing studying-for-midterms time to write this, but as I pointed out in my last post, you can find examples of this almost anywhere you turn these days. Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas…bills attempting to restrict women’s access to reproductive healthcare and freedom are literally cropping up everywhere

In my last post, I wondered how one copes with the reality of a United States gone mad. Well, I think I figured it out.

You let people know. You direct people to the information. You explain it to them if they ask you to. You say it over, and over, and over again – as many times as you need to. Every person that understands what the Republicans actually want is, in all likelihood, a vote that they’re going to lose. (Obviously not in every case, but I do think that most people have at least a modicum of common decency, and so many of these things fly in the face of that. Ignorance is, in my experience, the biggest factor that keeps people from being outraged.)

As the linked article says, 

My only fear is that this story broke too early. This is something women need to be reminded of every day until the election. Because if they aren’t, they’ll be reminded every day after.

Those of us tracking this need to be those reminders. 


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